About US

MOVE OVER is an international B2C fast fashion home textile brand, mainly focus on Duvet Cover Set, Blanket, Comforter Set and so on. This is the 10th year we running our small bedding company. When we first running into this old industry, we found all the bedding look so similar and dull,nothing new and nothing interesting.We are a group of young guys thinking about how to make bedding products different,whether the fabric material or the design.

As a small business, we take the idea of providing our customers with exquisite handcrafted bedding with stylish designs and environmentally fabric, doing small-scale production. Different from other products made from machine assembly line, we ensure the process of our producing such as accessories, sewing, cutting are all handmade. We believe handmade will add special spirit and warmth to the product. We respect the value of handmade and all workers.We ensure that both our customers and our handicraftsman can benefit from the value of handmade bedding.We are committed to providing you with comfortable sleep and creating a one-of-kind space for you. Be nice to yourself,and the earth.
Enjoy the cheer of colors inspired by nature or designs by hand-made.

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